CadoDraw Support
Level 1: Beginner's Support
Discussion of problems with installation as well as other beginner's problems via
This service is free for registered users of CadoDraw.
Level 2: Developper's Support
Discussion of items concerning development of your application with CadoDraw via a special e-mail account. Correction of code examples. We guarantee an answer within 2 workdays.
(120.00 EUR per month)

New! If we receive less than five requests within the registered period, you have the opportunity to ask the remaining questions within the next five months.
Level 3: Application Concept
We put your CadoDraw application on track. You tell us which capabilities your CadoDraw application should have - we develop the basic structure of the application which you can further develop and include into your program.
(500.00 EUR per implemented instance of TcdDrawbox)
Level 4: Customizing
We will be happy to customize CadoDraw or to meet your individual requirements.
Do you want a cdDrawbox to have capabilies which are not implemented in the standard version?
Do you want a component to generate special objects?
Do you want a tool which links objects in a very particular way?
Of course, you can do it all yourself, but if you don't have time, we can do it for you.
We are experts in developing these kinds of components. Just let us know what you need, and we' ll tell you how long it will take. Since we have the experience and expertise, we can get the job done quickly.
(640.00 EUR per day)
All prices are net prices.
Please note that VAT at local rate will be added for European Union customers, who do not provide a VAT number.
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