CadoDraw - Order Informations
You have several options for registering and paying for our products.
We accept checks in $US and in EUR. Please send the check by postal mail together with your registration form.
Money Transfer
Our bank account is:
IBAN: DE59 7015 0000 0030 2555 41
Bank: Stadtsparkasse M√ľnchen
When you make a transfer please remember that the bank papers must include important information such as your company name, address, fax number and country. You must also send us a copy of your payment and registration form via fax or postal mail (not e-mail).
Credit Cards
For your convenience we have contracted another company, SWREG, to process any orders you may wish to place with your Visa, MasterCard, or Discover card.

Visit the online order form --fast, easy and secure. Please note that SWREG shall only be contacted for ordering.
Order processing time and delivery
Registration and shipment will take place after we have received your payment and registration form. If you pay by money transfer, confirmation from the bank must follow your registration form. We will e-mail you a password to decrypt CadoDraw.exe within one workday . Mail delivery will usually be processed within three workdays.
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